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Former Facebook™ Employee

Digital marketing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be!

My name is Bridget Brooks

I am absolutely passionate about helping

small businesses make the most of every penny

spent on digital advertising

​After working for digital giants like

Facebook™ & Groupon™, my 20 years of experience

has led me to help YOU become an informed business that has a clear strategy and game plan for new leads.

What You can expect when you work with me

  • My #1 Secret Ad Strategy That Almost No One Knows About...that has the ability to run profitable ads (even on TV)faster than you have ever experienced before!

  • The exact paid traffic strategy that I taught to BILLION dollar companies to run wildly successful ad campaigns!
  • How to make your competition irrelevant and get your DREAM customers BEGGING to buy from you so never have to worry about making sales ever again, (even in a down economy)

What We Do


Done For You Digital Advertising &

Social Media Management



Brand management, Social Media Management and Digital Advertsing

Is a full-service digital marketing agency that makes sure:

  • You are easily found online
  • Creates and manages ad campaigns

I know first hand the frustrations of building a profitable Facebook™ ad campaign. This is why I created...

The simple Ad Strategy that attracts your dream customers & creates wildly profitable paid ads in just a few days.

(Without wasting thousands of dollars running & testing failed ad campaigns, feeling overwhelmed by constant Facebook™ algorithm changes or any of that complicated Techy stuff)

This is a "Secret" strategy I learned while working at Facebook™ that "They" don't want you to know about & the other 99% of ad agencies don't even know exists YET...

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